Gratitude - Family

This week in amongst work, kids and home life - I've been busy with my family (sisters and dad ) and to be honest myself.

I am so grateful to my hubby Nick who has given me time with my family this week. Our evenings are packed and limited with kids sports etc so to then add my absence after the sports so I can make time for my family has meant so much.

I've also now committed to pilates again as it is really important to me for my well being. I've started the conversation with a piano teacher to learn, something I've always wanted to do and through my my sisters and Nick's encouragement I've realised this is a good time to start. I guess I feel guilt (sounds silly but I think as parents we do this often ) because I feel like I am putting my needs first but at the same time, what better way to lead by example to my kids.

Putting yourself first.

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