Gratitude - Body

I am grateful for my body.

I heard on the radio yesterday that social media filters and apps that change how your body looks is really affecting the young generation on body image.

This is certainly not new as magazines have been doing touch ups on models for years, but social media is certainly more accessible and used.

I would say most of us at some point don't like something about our bodies and the reason for that is we learn via magazines, TV and social media what is beautiful.

In all honesty though, everyone is beautiful, and that is the message we should be sharing to our younger and future generations, to have a strong healthy mind, a balanced diet and fitness to keep our bodies agile.

Before I started pilates, I went to a seminar and my instructor said - 'I make really good old people.' I love that. For me this is about core strength, healthy mind, agility, flexibility, being efficient in exercise and posture.

All the good things I think.

I am grateful for my body.



Being grateful for our bodies.

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