Gratitude - Sacrifice

I am grateful.

There have been many sacrifices these past 5+ years for n & s but also at times for my family too. I do believe you can get what you want... but it also comes at a cost...a sacrifice. If you are motivated enough, you can get there - no doubt. The question is whether the sacrifice you are making is worth it.

For me personally, I realised through my sacrifices that what I value and treasure most is my family, kids, health and happiness. n & s is part of me, it is so inherently entwined into my spirit and always will be. What I have learnt though is I cannot always say yes to opportunities at the expense of my family.

As I said, something always has to give. So these days, I am taking it at a slower pace...making sure that what I am building will last and at the same time making sure that I am enjoying the ride and my family as well.

Sacrifices ...

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