Saturday, 21 December 2013

sweet festive baking


In the lead up to Christmas, the baking head quarters for nectar and stone has been super busy, early starts till late evenings but it's always a sweet journey. 

cherry flavoured macarons

My client asked me to create some Christmas flavoured macarons. I wanted to create two contrasting flavours and I thought for the first one a cherry flavour would be delicious and summery for the Melbourne. 

Christmas glitter star cookies

Lots of these star cookies have been in the making for clients to give as packages. Lemon and Thyme flavour I made and they are delicious, fragrant and light. 

woodland themed 1st birthday

In amongst the lead up to Christmas, I also had the privilege of doing dessert work for a woodland themed party. If you are on instagram - you can see all the pictures on my account and also on petitsalon -. I made these little sugar flowers to add to the butterscotch and walnut tea cakes below. 

butterscotch and walnut tea cakes

I wanted to create something really yummy for the table but looked really simple yet gorgeous. These tea cakes worked perfectly for the woodland themed and I added touches of green iced sugar to the balls as well. 

coconut and almond macarons

The woodland theme party has 4 main colours being used: mint, chocolate, gold and white. So I added decorations to the macarons to help tie in the colours but also add visual appeal and textural taste too. 


I made some eeni mini glitter owl cookies as party favours. 

woodland cupcakes 

My clients come to me for something original and unique. As much as it is about looking and tasting great - it is also about the concepts. And these sorts of ideas take a while to develop with lots of trial baking and design work. My woodland cupcakes are flavoured with mint rocks and I also made custom mint and white chocolate tiles with baby breath flowers inserted into the actual chocolate. 

Christmas tree sugar cookies

A girly take on Christmas which was so fun to do. 

strawberry daiquiri macarons

These macarons that I made were such a big hit that I made for a client that I decided to make them for my husbands Christmas Party that we hosted. 

And below I made some crème patisserie heart tarts with dark chocolate and 24 ct gold leaf as well. 

heart tarts

These macarons had a bit of decoration work done on them.

coffee went fishing...

chocolate tarts

macarons meet fashion

My macarons were being dressed up for something really special 
to do with fashion. 

peachy cupcakes

I made peach flavoured cupcakes for a client and it was light and fragrant - perfect for this Summer heat in Melbourne. 

pretty baking

lemonade tea cakes

These lemonade tea cakes are so pretty and sweet. I mixed it up with different shades of pink and chocolate tarts as well. 

chocolate crème tarts

champagne macarons on chocolate tarts

This last one I made for a client who really wanted to celebrate end of year so I made champagne macarons placed on a square chocolate tart - decadent!!