Wednesday, 11 December 2013

sweet baking designs from nectar and stone

It's amazing how quickly Christmas is approaching and I am baking all day every day fulfilling orders for clients. 

It's now been one year officially since I started blogging and showcasing my recipes and also my work to clients. I never anticipated how things would travel for me and I am very blessed to have the love and support from my readers and clients - 
thank you. 

With that said, let me show you what my baking week last week and part of this week has been looking like. 


I love transforming a simple cupcake into something that is special, different and unique. 

Always have happy thoughts too - gorgeous pencils are from 
Miss Poppy Design - check out the site - the stationary is stunning!!

conversation with coffee

I love chatting to coffee in the morning. 

eeni mini chocolate coated oreos

These gorgeous chocolate coated oreos are perfect for special occasions and I have further decorated with different sugars and edible glitters. 

sugar jellies

I made these gorgeous sugar jellies in different flavours including marshmallow, pina colada, rosewater, pistachio and orange for the gorgeous catering company Cookes Food in Toorak. 


I love having fun with macaron flavours and for Cookes Food I wanted to create something playful yet sophisticated for the events they were catering for. This flavour is strawberry daiquiri. 

And this gorgeous macaron flavour is coconut and almond. 

heart raspberry tarts

Again, these gorgeous heart raspberry tarts filled with a beautiful creme patisserie were made for Cookes Food for a wedding they were catering in the Yarra Valley. 

eeni mini pink icecream cakes

These are always so much fun to make and such a hit at parties as and functions as well. 

cookie girls....

Well...we know there are gingerbread men but what about the girls and ladies? I made these for a client and and the flavour is Lemon and Thyme - my own recipe and they taste amazing! Oh and yes...eeni mini...


These are my lemon cupcakes and I think there is nothing more prettier than the beauty of simplicity. 

let's party...

With a busy few days left with lots of baking for party - I can't wait to show you what else I am up to.

snowflake macarons

These are my snowflake macarons - everything you see is edible and all custom made by nectar and stone. 

Have a great rest of the week and be sure to check out my facebook or instagram accounts as I update daily on them.